Hirono, Duckworth, and Harris: Changing the Game

Representative Tammy Duckworth recently announced her candidacy for the US Senate from the state of Illinois—an announcement that spread like wildfire online. This came after California Attorney General Kamala Harris's announcement for the CA Senate Race earlier this year in Janurary.

I lost it (out of excitement) when Rep. Duckworth announced her candidacy, and let me tell you why: not only have folks already given her candicacy credibility and decent odds at winning (remember that she will be running against sitting US Senator Mark Kirk), but this makes two Asian American women running for the Senate in 2016.

With Senator Mazie Hirono already representing the state of Hawaii in the Senate, if elected, the three of them—Hirono, Duckworth, and Harris—would be (for what we know now) the only three Asian American members of the Senate, and the only Asian members of the Senate will all be women. If that's not exciting to you I don't know what is. Remember, Senator Hirono is the first Asian American woman in the Senate, and she was elected only in 2012.

Both Rep. Duckworth and Attorney General Harris's announcements are exciting because they both have favorable odds of being elected in the general election (assuming they would win the primaries). And as many others have already noted, Duckworth may not only become the first Thai American Senator, and the first Asian American elected to the Senate east of the Rockies.